PVC wallcoverings vs. MDF wallcoverings

Nowadays, the interior design of buildings is very different, and designers use a variety of different materials that one of these materials is PVC wallcovering or its MDF kind. Using wallcoverings in interior design is very common.

The difference between pvc wall covering and mdf wall covering:

Easy Installation:

  • – Installing PVC wallcovering and false ceiling, are much easier and faster than MDF wallcovering, and in case of any damages, they are easily replaceable.
  • – For installing PVC wallcoverings, there is no need for carving, rather this type of wallcovering is installed using special tools and screws and bolts. Therefore, not only the building’s walls are not damaged, but also installing the wallcoverings is done easily and in a short time, such that 100 meters of PVC wallcoverings can be installed in just one day. Also, it is possible to take down wallcoverings and change them in case the resident decides to do so. Whereas for installing MDF wallcoverings more time and energy are required and in case of any damage, replacement is very difficult.

Easy Cleaning and Resistant to Water:

  •  PVC wallcovering and false ceiling are highly resistant to humidity, but MDF is sensitive to humidity and rots in a short time.
  •  Due to the resistance and impenetrability to water in PVC wallcoverings, they can easily be washed with water. For this reason, any stain can be easily cleaned off of them. Also, this type of wallcovering is resistant to insects attacks such as termites. While, MDF wallcoverings are not resistant to water at all, and humidity is one main reason for rotting. Therefore, for cleaning them water cannot be used, and this makes cleaning MDF wallcoverings very difficult.

Resistant to Heat:

  •  PVC wallcovering is highly resistant to heat, and compared to MDF is more resistant to fire.
  • PVC wallcovering and suspended ceiling are resistant to temperature changes. However, if the temperature changes turn into very high heat, then we cannot expect the PVC flooring to maintain its initial state. Nevertheless, PVC wallcoverings are much more resistant to fire compared to MDF wallcoverings. MDF wallcoverings are highly sensitive to heat and may not have sufficient resistance and tolerance.

Heat and Cold Insulation:

  • Since compressed plastic or PVC is resistant to heat and cold, they also prevent the passing of air. This type of wallcovering prevents airflow from passing and as a result, the air inside the building stays the same and it prevents cold and heats energy loss to 40%. Compared to PVC wallcoverings, MDF wallcoverings have less resistance to cold and heat and easily pass the air inside the building.

Weight Difference:

  • PVC wallcovering is much lighter in weight compared to MDF wallcovering, and are more resistant to dust and dirt. PVC wallcoverings’ thickness is 8mm.

Cost and Price:

  •  MDF wallcovering price is higher than LVT flooring because they are made out of natural wood chips and more time and energy are needed for making and installing them.
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