Laminated PVC Wall Panel

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دیوارپوش آلپر

Laminated PVC Wall Panel

Akhtarplast Sepahan Company is one of the top factories in manufacturing different types of PVC wall panels in Iran, which with an experience of activity since 2006, it has provided part of the country’s need in the field of different types of PVC wallcoverings under the name and brand of Alper, and during the past years, this company has also been able to export a large part of its products to other countries.

This company has more than 50 laminated wall panel designs in which different designs have been tried to be offered such as wallpaper design, wood designs, etc. Also, considering different needs and interests, more designs are added to the album to meet customers’ demands.

You can have different types of PVC wall panels at a affordable price and with high quality for different uses.

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Alper Laminated PVC Wall Panel Design