PVC Wall Panel

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سقف کاذب ، دیوارپوش pvc

PVC Wall Panel

Akhtarplast Company Sepahan is one of the top factories in manufacturing different types of PVC wall panels in Iran, which with an experience of activity since 2006, it has provided part of the country’s need in the field of different types of PVC wall panels under the name and brand of Alper, and during the past years, this company has been able to export a large part of its products to other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

You can have different types of PVC wallcoverings at a affordable price and with high quality for different uses.

Our sales and technical specialists are ready to answer your questions and guide you. +989130548533

Introduction of PVC Wall Panel

Polyvinyl chloride under the abbreviated name of PVC is a type of thermoplastic polymer that has a variety of applications in industries. This product is considered one of the most valuable products in the chemical industry. More than 50% of the produced PVC is used in the construction industry. As an economic building material, it has a variety of advantages, as during recent years, in many regions, it has become an alternative for traditional building materials such as wood and concrete. Also, PVC wall panels have significantly more advantages compared to MDF wallcoverings, which we fully explained in the “PVC wall panels’ advantages vs. MDF wallcoverings”.

In terms of being anti-insect and anti-bacteria, PVC panels have the advantage that the consumer can purchase and install this product in their place of residence and workplace with peace of mind.

Alper wall panels with more than 50 designs and colors, with high elasticity and the ability to be installed in different models, offer a world of beauty and versatility and creates a space filled with peace and beauty at your home, workplace, and place of leisure.

This type of wall panel is installable during the first stages after the building framing phase, and therefore, it will eliminate other common building materials’ execution costs such as cement, tiles, white plaster, and paint.

Alper Wall Panel Design

دیوارپوش روکشدار

Laminated Wall panel

دیوارپوش هات استمپ

Hot-Stamp Wallpanel