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LVT Flooring | LVP Flooring

One of the other products of Akhtarplast Sepahan Company is LVT flooring, which is offered in the market under the Alper Floor brand. In recent years, modern technologies have improved the performance of polyvinyl chloride. Due to lvt flooring’s high resistance, easy maintenance, being anti-moisture, and its cheap repairs compared to many other building materials, it is very popular for use in residential houses, health and treatment centers, commercial and shopping centers, and also offices.

When choosing appropriate materials for the floor, different factors should be taken into consideration. An appropriate choice can significantly reduce costs and at the same time, it doubles the beauty of the space.

Before choosing an appropriate flooring, a few questions must be answered: how much moisture will the flooring be exposed to? How busy will this space be? How dirty will this space get? Which color and design will beautify the space? Will the flooring require washing in the future? What is the price difference of different options? And etc.

LVT flooring has become very popular in recent years. Its unique features compared to its similar products such as wood parquet, laminate parquet, stone, tile, etc. have made this product become an appropriate alternative to traditional flooring very fast.

PVC Flooring’s Composing Materials:

The primary material used to make LVT flooring is polyvinylchloride (PVC). PVC is a type of polymer and is considered the most used polymer in the world. The properties of this extensively used substance have led to its use in many industries, anywhere from the clothing industry to the building construction industry.

In the materials composing LVT flooring, in addition to polyvinylchloride, there are also other materials used to increase the impact resistance, increase resistance against light and heat, etc.

Properties of Alper LVT flooring:

  • The only LVT flooring in Iran with a white back-side:

    کفپوش پی وی سی، کفپوش pvc ، کفپوش

Alper LVT flooring is the only LVT flooring in Iran with a white back-side. This might not seem very important at first, however, there is a special point in this matter.

PVC’s color is completely white and naturally, anything that is made from this will be white. Therefore, floorings that are made from the first-hand PVC are white.

LVT floorings have properties that we have listed as the following:

  • Water-proof flooring:

LVT floorings, unlike wood and laminate, are completely appropriate for humid spaces. This product is 100% water-proof. And this property had led for it to be an appropriate choice for different spaces anywhere from houses to offices.

  • Fire-proof flooring:

Alper flooring is highly resistant to fire and heat. This property is especially important when used in kitchens and spaces where the possibility of fire and hot objects falling on the floor.


  • Fire-retardant :

Fire-retardant is one of the properties that differentiate Apler LVT flooring from other products in the field of interior design such as parquet, laminate  , etc. In the event of a fire, the Alper flooring will not catch on fire and it will only burn within itself and finally will quickly die out; basically, this property prevents fire from expanding in the interior space. This is while we have witnessed very large and irrecoverable fires in places where wood parquet was used; parquets and floorings, due to their flammable material, quickly catch on fire and burn.


  • Sound-proof flooring:

Walking on LVT flooring doesn’t produce any noise, and it is very quiet. This property is highly important in apartments, offices, and educational spaces. In addition to this, LVT flooring significantly absorbs sound and therefore, it will prevent its transfer.

  • High Durability:

Polyvinylchloride is a type of plastic and is highly resistant to temperature changes, abrasion, and friction.

  • Energy-efficient:

PVC flooring prevents the heat waste and transfer, helping energy-saving.

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Insect, and Anti-Mold:

Plastic floorings are anti-bacterial and bacteria cannot grow and reproduce on their surface. Also, unlike parquet and laminate, insects are not attracted to it and are not able to damage it.

  • Flexibility in Design:

Alper LVT flooring has a variety of designs and colors and is usable for different interior design styles. The high variety of this product matches any taste and interest.

  • Elasticity:

Alper flooring is highly flexible and unlike stone, tile, parquet, and laminate that are prone to breaking, this flooring doesn’t break by impact at all.

  • Appearance:

Alper products have simulated different materials such as wood, stone, marble, etc. As technology has advanced printing coatings for lvt floorings in many examples that simulate natural materials, is unrecognizable.

  • Easy Installation:

Installing this modern flooring is much easier and quicker compared to traditional choices. For installation, only a minor pavement is needed and the flooring will stick.




  • Low-Cost Repairs:

Repairing lvt floorings that are known are vinyl floorings is very easy. By only removing the damaged branch and replacing it with a new one, the work is complete.

  • Price

The price of lvt floorings is much lower and economic compared to stone, parquets, and laminate . This modern flooring due to its economic price and high durability is extensively used.

 Akhtarplast Sepahan Company is a manufacturer of top-quality LVT flooring in Isfahan under the Alper brand.

Further Remarks about Alper LVT Flooring:

  • Alper lvt flooring is available in 16 color codes. Any design and color that you want you can choose its code from the images below and choose it for purchasing.

  • Cleaning Alper flooring is very easy and filth and dirt are easily cleaned from its surface
  • By utilizing the latest production line technology, Alper floorings are very well-formed and well-installed and the installer feels very comfortable installing them.

Important Points for LVT Flooring Installation:

  • LVT flooring’s installation is done using adhesives.

  • The best adhesive for this job is 8888 Industrial Adhesive. Of course, Dough glue is also appropriate for this job.

  • Before installing the floorings, pavement that is known as mastic must be done and cement and Glue stick is used for this matter.

  • Installing this flooring is very easy. However, you must get help from an installer so that flooring plank are precisely installed.

  • Before installing, take the floorings out of its package and let it sit for 48 hours so that accordant to the environment’s temperature its dimensions are stabilized.

  • After installing the lvt flooring, you must avoid walking or placing any object on them for 24 hours.

LVT Flooring’s Shopping Guide:

۱-You may buy these products in-person by appointment at Sepahan Akhtarplast Company.

۲-Our sales department telephone contact information is available on the contact us page.

۳- Messaging through WhatsApp or Telegram number +98 9130548533.

۴- messaging through Akhtarplast Company’s official Facebook page.

۵- Direct messaging through Akhtarplast Company’s official Instagram page.

Guide for Obtaining an Authorized Alper LVT Flooring Department Agency:

The Akhtar Plast  is a manufacturer of PVC floorings and wall coverings ready to grant agencies and cooperation across Iran. If you are active in the field of design or interior design sales, announce your interest in obtaining an agency by visiting the site’s top menu through the “request cooperation” link, and our colleagues will contact you.


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