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With an experienced staff and advanced laboratory equipment and also, European raw materials, the Akhtarplast Sepahan Company is proud to offer a product to the market that is
competitive to European products, and has been able to be successful in all necessary laboratory testing. Also, we intend to transfer all the latest information to our assembly staff throughout expert personnel by offering training courses.

The most important objective of Akhtarplast Sepahan Company is to turn into a “well-known company with world standards” and have a strong and significant presence in domestic and international markets. For accomplishing this goal, we will make our main goals as our priority, which is certainly the satisfaction of our partners including customers, consultants, personnel, vendors, and anyone that is doing business with us.

Currently, the largest responsibility we have is assuring the quality and safety of our products and services that we offer to customers. This belief has remains unchanged since the establishment of Akhtarplast Sepahan Company. Customer satisfaction is one of our most important goals. By prioritizing gaining customer’s trust, and respecting customer’s importance as a great opportunity for progress, we will further strengthen our quality assurance system and we will become a company that is accordant with customers’ expectations and their trust.

The quality of products and services, increasing the spirit of promotion, collective efforts, and relying on individuals’ abilities for cooperating in the total success of the organization, is very important for all of us at Akhtarplast Sepahan .

We wish that our basic values, which are gaining customer’s satisfaction through offering services and creating added value with innovative resolutions, honesty, and integrity, paying attention to personnel’s growth, and commitment and loyalty towards the organization, gain more objectivity than before in our organizational culture and we witness the effect of this culture in our organizational behavior.

Majid Lotfi

The Managing Director