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PVC wallcoverings vs. MDF wallcoverings

Nowadays, the interior design of buildings is very different, and designers use a variety of different materials that one of these materials is PVC wallcovering or its MDF kind. Using wallcoverings in interior design is very common. (more…)

Cleaning LVT Flooring

LVT flooring has become one of the most used flooring in houses, work offices, entertainment, and commercial places. This flooring’s unique property makes its cleaning and maintenance very easy. However, after installation, these flooring first concern is how to maintain…

What is PVC

What is PVC? PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride and is referred to as a polymer with the following chemical structure. PVC is among thermoplastic polymers that depending on the added substances, can be plasticized PVC, soft PVC, or unplasticized…

Alper in Isfahan Comprehensive Construction Industry Exhibition 2020

Sepahan Akhtarplast Company during its presence in the 23rd Comprehensive Exhibition of Isfahan Construction Industry, which was held on November 3-7, 2020; Showcased its products to industry enthusiasts and the general public.   Alper SPC flooring is a new achievement…